Ruby June

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Do you ever worry about how in the future you might be embarrassed by clothes you wore way back in 2014? If you start dressing like you’re living in 3014 you’ll never have to look back on another photo and say “What was I thinking?” Luckily, Yoana Baraschi offers pieces that give you that “futuristic” look without being so strange you get sent home from the offices for being too distracting. Their holographic skirt (Yes, holographic is my favorite color) pairs perfectly with their fitted blazer from the Fall 2013 Collection. 

Blazer: Yoana Baraschi || Top: Romwe || Skirt: Yoana Baraschi || Sunglasses: Oasap

How did you make those photos in to 3d gifs? They look soooo cool xx

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Thank you!! I actually took them on my old phone, the one and only ~**~ HTC EVO 3D~**~ Then after it broke I realized I could load the files into photoshop and make them into gifs. If only I had known sooner…RIP HTC 3D phone…we had good times

Hi, I'm wanting to know how much you charge for a color headshot for an acting resume.?

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Send me an e-mail and we can talk! :}

This outfit reminds me of being on tour last year! Everything except the skirt is vintage. I found the leopard print boots at this little antique store while we were on tour. I like that they have a secret side pocket for phones and keys! No need for a purse when you’re wearing these boots:}

I wore all of these pieces on stage a lot. I can’t wait to play with the band again now that I’m back in the city-we’re already practicing for a few shows in October!! Check back for show dates soon!

So excited to wear these Bebaroque tights during fashion week!! They blend in so well with my skin, yet feel very sturdy. (most of my tights rip Day 1 of wearing them…) The skirt and shaw are thrifted and the candy necklace I made probably 15 years ago. Yes there is still sugar in the plastic fruits!

I will forever be in love with the brand QooQoo from Latvia. They did an amazing job on this dress and I am dying to get my hands on one of the dresses in their new collection!!

Happy Fashion Week everyone!! Can’t wait to see all my favorite lookbookers this week :}