Ruby June

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There is no place like Detroit, Michigan. The first time I visited Detroit, my mom got lost driving home and I saw a hotel sliced in half with all of the rooms exposed-it was love at first sight. The second time I drove through Detroit I was on my way to Canada with my dad. We were going on a graduation road trip across the country and my favorite place that we visited wasn’t Niagara Falls or the beautiful mansions in Rhode Island. It was Detroit. 

Since then I’ve been back to shoot as often as possible with my girls Mel and Megan who share my obsession with this captivating city. My dream is to spend a month living there, shooting every day and making films…someday…

Everything I’m wearing is vintage. The shirt was my mom’s way back in the day and the skirt is a gem I hemmed years ago. It was my favorite skirt till a friend borrowed it and lost it. I’ve been searching for one like it ever since-if anyone knows of any similar skirts-help a girl out! 

Hi Ruby! I really admire your photography and style as well as your website! I just wanted to ask: How do you manage to make these beautiful titles and headers? I've been very confused as to how to anticipate what size it should be, and how to personalize it so much in terms of font and color, etc. Thanks!

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Hey! Thank you:} All of my titles are actually pictures that I upload to my photoset with the rest of my images. I was disappointed with how limited the options were for fonts on the web and decided to just make my own titles. I hope that helps!