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Alaska Blue

July 4, 2015


Ruby_June_Tug_Boat Ruby_June_Tug_Boat-4 Ruby_June_Tug_Boat-2 Ruby_June_Tug_Boat-6Ruby_June_Tug_Boat-8Ruby_June_Tug_Boat-2-2Rain Suit: Gabriela Ostolaza

Shoes: American Apparel

Crop Top: Pac Sun


Alaskan Adventures revealed. I recently left my world behind for an Alaskan Cruise with one of the best travel buddies in the world.

My gal, Gabriela designed this boating outfit for one of her classes at FIT and finished it just in time for me to bring it with me! I wore this puppy kayaking with the seals and was the belle of the ocean ball.

On our last day cruising in Victoria, Canada we parked our boat next to this gated dock full of beautiful tug boats. I prayed, please Jesus PLEASE, help us find a way to get onto those boats. By the end of the day I had settled for takin pix across the little river separating me from my tug-boat dreams. JUST THEN Jesus came in the form of a tug-boat and the kind sailors brought us into their gated community of tug-boats and let us live out our Alaskan Tug Boat dreams.

They noted that my outfit was incredibly practical and unlike anything they’d ever seen (1 for team Gaby) – Just shot a pink version of these for her SS16 Lookbook!! More Alaskan adventures to come…

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