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February 9, 2015


7 Tips on Surviving Swimsuit Shopping

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7 Ways to Survive Swimsuit Shopping

It’s that time of year again! Swimsuit shopping! If you want to get a suit that has a matching top and bottom, now is the time to start lookin. By the time you actually have an occasion to wear a swimsuit-alla the swimsuits are gone. Trust me. It’s very sad going to target and seeing the cutest top in your size, but realizing there are no bottoms in ANY size that match it. (Why are two-pieces sold separately anyways?) To help you in your hunt, I’ve got 10 things to make the dreaded swimsuit shopping more manageable. In this look I’m wearing a swimsuit Philip, my incredible husband, not only picked out, but shot for me too!

1. Find the right friend to bring along. Easier said than done. You don’t want someone that’s going to say “awww, you look so ceyy-oooott” to everything. You need a friend who is smart, practical, encouraging and patient-finding a tolerable swimsuit is a daunting, time consuming task. You want a friend who can tell you that “palm tree” print you love is actually marijuana leaves that you may not want to show up to the family reunion wearing…So pick a good friend. And make them sit down and read this list with you before you have your shopping spree.

2. Try everything on. Do I mean everything-everything? Yes. You never know what is going to look good on your body, so bring in all different styles, colors and sizes. If I think something might be a keeper I’ll bring 4 different sizes in with me because it’s too easy to get lazy and buy the wrong size if you don’t have another one to try on right then and there. Don’t be intimidated by the green “#6” tags that limit you to bringing in 6 items. Worst case scenario the fitting room assistant will put them outside your door and you can trade out what you don’t need! But never, ever, even think about buying a swimsuit with out trying it on first. I assume this goes with out saying, but someeeee people…. SMH. TRY IT ON.

3. Think practically. Wow, you’re really lookin good in that string bikini…now imagine yourself on a crowded beach for the fourth of july with your grandparents, watching the fireworks-now imagine yourself sitting on top of a cute boys shoulders playing chicken in the pool, now imagine yourself diving under a giant wave in the Atlantic, now imagine yourself chattin with your friend in the neighborhood pool full of creepy men with goggles. HOW DID YOU FEEL? Obvi you are never going to feel comfortable in a pool full of skeevy piranha’s wearing goggles. BUT, did you at least feel like you had a “safe angle” you could position yourself in to protect your bum? You were at the beach with Gam Gam and Gramps, did you feel cool enough for all the partier’s but modest enough for gramp’s friends? You just sat on the cutest boy’s shoulder’s and play fought with your BFFL! Did her ring get caught on your strap and yank the whole suit off? CRASH. You dove under that wave like a mermaid, but wait- did your bottoms make it with you or are they gone for forever? These are all things to think about when buying your swimsuit. Make sure that thing is going to keep you from being totally naked in not fun situations…

4. Go with the smaller size. Yay! You found your dream suit! But you can’t decide if you should get the medium or the large? Generally, you want the smaller size. As soon as that suit hits water it starts saggin, not to mention by the end of the summer suits are always so stretched out. On a similar note: DO NOT BUY A SUIT SIZED FOR YOUR “DREAM BODY” or the body you think you will have when summer hits. SERIOUSLY. Yes, you may loose 10 LBZ before spring break, but on the off chance that you don’t-you need to have a suit you feel comfortable in. By some chance you loose a gazillion LBZ in time for that cruise-congrats, treat-yo-self to a new suit. You’ll probz feel good in just about anything because you’ll be so proud of the “New You!” Never, under any circumstances buy any article of clothing based on “future you’s” size. It’s dumb and sad and puts too much pressure on you, pretty gal!

5. If you can’t say something nice (about yourself) don’t say anything at all. I’m not sure there’s a single person who tries on every swimsuit, looks in the mirror and says “Damn-I’m lookin at perfection over here…” That being said there is no need for you to pull on the backs of your thighs-imagining what you’d look like with thigh gap. There is no need for watery eyes and horrifying life epiphanies. And there is DEFINITELY no need for you to hide in the dressing room from your friend, shouting “I’m nawttt coming out-gawd I’m so fat! ugh!” 😐 I don’t care if your thinking that. You are not allowed to say that out loud. First of, you are absolutely beautiful-God made you exactly the way you are and he didn’t make a single mistake. Secondly, it is no fun shopping with someone who is constantly putting themselves down. Your friend came to help you pick out a swimsuit-not douse you in compliments till you feel confident enough to take a selfie in that suit. Suck it up and try your very hardest to say only positive things about your body. “My thunder-thighs look huge, I can’t even look at the suit because they’re so distracting” can be easily changed to “Ehh, this suit doesn’t show of my hourglass like the last one did, on-to-the-next-on-on-to-the-next-one…”

6. Don’t be afraid to shop online! Buying a swimsuit IRL seems impossible, buying one online can sound insane. But in this day and age, it might be the most practical for you! A lot of times you can get free shipping and free return shipping if it doesn’t work out. (Sometimes I will buy two sizes at once and then return the one that doesn’t fit as well) Online your options are infinite. There are so many incredible places to buy suits online. Some of my favorites are La Belle Rebelle, AMI clubwear, Black Milk Clothing & Front Row Shop (where I got this suit!) And get this, when this suit came in the mail I was surprised. Not only did it actually fit, but it had built in light padding-something you rarely see in these fun prints. It was a dream come true. It’s annoying having to wear bandeaus under those cute one-pieces with no padding…bandeau no more!

7. In the end, it’s just a swimsuit. It’s not going to make that big of a difference as to how much you enjoy the beach. You’re the only one that can decide that. If you go to the beach wearing men’s bermuda shorts and refuse to take of your baggy t-shirt because you hate your body (Me in middle school) then you’re not going to have any fun. On the other hand you might get to the beach in that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini you were fine wearing…in the dressing room-and realize you don’t know if you actually want the world staring at your side boob and sneaking cellphone pictures of you. Yah, that’s not how the world should be-women shouldn’t be objectified, but the reality is, they are. So be ready for anything and know that at the end of the day, you are smokin hot. No if’s, ands or buts. You, YES YOU, look amazing out there. Truly the best accessory is your smile, your confidence and the way you are working that suit…so keep working that suit girl!

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