December 19, 2012

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During my finals week at FIT, I got a much needed break at W-Magazine’s Holiday Blogger Suite. I matched the Denim Shirt and Camo Pants with my Choies Hat and Sweater. (my new Nocturne colored liquid lipstick was identical to the color of the hat!) & The Nike AF1’s, are no longer white on white on white, as I painted them in my screen printing class!

I took these pictures with Philip, he had scouted out a location before I even got back to Michigan! I’m the happiest gal now that we’ve been reunited! I’ll post more pictures from the W-Mag party, and my creations from this semester ASAP! (I’ve been testing out the stress relieving lotion fromAveda and the Clarisonic brushes from the W-Mag pic and will have to share my experience with their majestic-super-technology soon…)

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