Fort Tilden

January 16, 2015



Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-6 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-5 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-8 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-4 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-3 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-7 Ruby_June_Fort_Tilden-2

Photography: Giacomo Cabrini

Swimsuit: Target

Skirt: Romwe

Socks: DIY

All is Not Lost

Three Trains, one bus and a hike down an unknown path that some friendly veterans told us to go down-we are ready for the adventure we’d so carefully planned. Ready for the first look and racing the against the sunlight we had left there was only one thing missing-THE CLOTHES. We packed them all in a bag that was left back in Manhattan. We emptied out the bags we had brought and laid all of our collective belongings to see what we might be able to put together. This outfit was one of the results (yes, we managed to put together more than one!) Giacomo is the best, this was from our first shoot over the summer. So happy he’s back from Milan and can’t wait to shoot again! (This time we will remember the outfits 😉


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