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Fruit Cake

March 30, 2015


Ruby_June_Fruit_Cake-24 Ruby_June_Fruit_Cake-23 Ruby_June_Fruit_Cake-21 Ruby_June_Fruit_Cake-26 Ruby_June_Fruit_Cake-22

Photography: Giacomo Cabrini

Five Necklace: AMI Clubwear

Ostrich Feather Top: Choies

Leopard Print Coat: Zaful

Fruit Necklace: D.I.Y

Tights: D.I.Y

The Art of “The Fruit Cake”

I think it’s important to steer clear of fashion ideals and make yourself into a fruit cake every once and a while. In this look Giacomo really wanted the ostrich skirt, however he wanted it to be a high waisted skirt-something it most definitely is not. Instead of giving up on it I said “Hold up,” went to the bathroom and came out with a newly fashioned feather crop top. Vualá.  Fruit Cake.

The term “Fruit Cake” is most commonly known as either a cake filled with fruity goodness, or as Urban Dictionary describes it “A person who is one sandwich short of a picnic; mad; quite insane; not with it.”

Who’s to say this is a bad thing?? When sifting through my jewelry we found two potential candidates for necklaces. I put one on, it worked…but then I tried the other one on with it-and it DOUBLE WORKED. The entire look was a bit over the top, but if you’re going to go out-Go BIG or go HOME. & I wouldn’t suggest the latter.

The other day I was contemplating whether or not I should wear my Alexandra Grecco Tulle Skirt or not. I was thinking “Do I really want everyone to know I’m a princess today?” Then I looked in the mirror and said “If I want to be a princess today, then by golly-I’m going to wear it.” As soon as I stepped outside my door a woman passing by stopped me to tell me she had never seen a skirt more incredible. We talked all the way to the end of the block. I put my headphones back on and hadn’t even turned my music on yet when another older woman said “excuse me” and tapped my shoulder. She was beaming and I thought What did I do to deserve such a smile??!  She said she was IN LOVE with the look and needed to know where I got the skirt. As I crossed the street and the wind caught the tulle, blowing it into my face I laughed and felt something I hadn’t felt in a while.

I felt like a fruit cake that was able to bring a smile to people’s face, simply based on what I decided to wear that morning. Sure as I sat on the train I slid into the person next to me every time it stopped because my skirt was so slippery, but it didn’t matter. Yes, the little boy who had to sit next to me gagged when the girly material touched him, but to think a simple skirt could cause such a ruckus was pretty incredible. It’s too easy to get into fashion ruts and dressing for other people. It’s only when we decide to dress for ourselves that it actually starts effecting those around us. So next time you’re thinking-should I go outside in this? The answer is yes, most definitely.

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