May 4, 2015


Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-2 Ruby_June_Beach_Ready Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-8 Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-6Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-4Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-7Ruby_June_Beach_Ready-5

Photography: Hana Haley

Back Pack: High Quality Buy

Bathing Suit: Nasty Dress

Brush: TangleTeezer

Shoes: Nasty Dress

Shirt: Cento Jeans

Skirt: Cento Jeans

I put this look together for my future beach excursions. Sometimes you want to keep covered up without fainting from a heat stroke. Here’s the plan:

1. Long Sleeves – sounds crazy for the summer, I know, but sometimes long sleeves can be comforting-which is why I go for the netted long sleeves in the summer.

2. Sneakers – If you don’t want the attention that comes with wearing your hubba-hubba wedges and your swimsuit, sneaks are a casual and convenient option for running away from creepy beach bums.

3. Layers – I know, layers are typically a winter sport, but sometimes when you step out of the house-you suddenly don’t feel as comfortable pumping gas as you did in front of your closet mirror bumpin Beyonce. It’s nice to have the option to cover up if you need it.

4. Baby Backpacks – This one doesn’t just go for the beach, I use my baby backpacks instead of purses on the daily. It’s too easy for me to set my purses down when I’m shoppin and hangin with friends-if I’m wearing my purse on my back it’s much easier to have my hands free and I’m not as likely to take it off and loose it!

5.  Baby Brushes – You never realize how desperate you’ll be to brush your hair after swimmin until it’s too late. Sea salted wet hair does not = beachy waves unless you brush it out first while it’s wet! Don’t forget your baby brush! You’ll be stuck with a slicked back knappy helmet if you forget this key ingredient to creating your artful beach look.

Congratulations, you have just graduated from Ruby’s Beach Babe University. Now go out and work that beach ;D

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