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Heirloom Hours

January 25, 2016


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Dress: Grandma’s (Ann not Judy)

Eyebrows: Pickthorn Brooklyn

Shoes: American Apparel

Photography: Ruby June


Heirloom Hours


This summer I took the train upstate to visit my grandparents at their little cabin on the lake. Tea parties, moonlit kayaking, belting folk songs in the car and tidbits of wise words that could only come from grandparents filled the days.


I called this one Heirloom Hours because the hours spent with family are the most memorable, valuable ones in this world. Looking back on your life do you think you’ll ever say “Man, I sure wish I hadn’t spent so much time hanging out with grandma…” NO! You won’t unless you’re heartless or you have an awful grandma, in which case I’m sorry for you-come borrow one of mine!


Every second spent with my family is an absolute treasure. I have the cutest picture of me and grandma making a grandpa sandwich as we hug him-out of respect for grandma’s “leave no trace” approach with the internet I can’t show you, so you’ll have to imagine on your own.

I came to grandma and grandpa with a heart in shambles this summer. They understand the gravity of my situation while also telling me their own life horror stories that made my problems seem smaller and more manageable. They let me eat candy before bed and drove miles and miles to find me thrift stores to hunt though. They sat outside my dressing room and told me I looked fabulous in everything I tried on (except for the Toddler’s Tigger Costume I managed to squeeze into) and they let me go on soul searching nature hikes where I sang to the changing leaves and wrote letters to God on the tallest hills in the valley.


They drove me to Walmart so that I could buy a new suitcase to bring all of my thrifted treasures home in and every time I yelled “Stop!” in the car they pulled over and let me set up my tripod to take these photos.


I love you Grandma Judy and Grandpa Richard! My one on one getaways with you are just as good now as they were when I was 5 and you let me color my hair “purple sparkly” and have as much candy as I could fit into 1 bowl for dessert. Thank you for this beautiful trip and for giving me the chance to take photos for fun, for me-just like it was in Kalamazoo. Counting down the days till our next retreat.

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