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Holiday Gift Guide

December 19, 2014

A Last-Minute Gift Guide

This is your gift guide, for me, from me and for people who are like me. I fit as much as I could in with out overwhelming you, sadly this meant excluding crucial items like my dream-pet-finger-monkey and blonde wig of dreadlocks…next year….

1. Alexander Wang Gabi Boots– with the heel completely worn off on my current staple boots it is DEFINITELY time for a new pair. These boots by Mr. Wang encompass everything I’m looking for. They’re Black, Timeless, easy to slip on and off (a major + when you’re traveling a lot & takin off your shoe’s for the TSA), and the cut-out give’s them a special *ZING* my last pair didn’t have. Time to upgradeeee (sings Beyonce as I slip on these magnificent boots.) You can get these bad boys from Avenue32  along with Alexander Wang’s other drool-worth pieces.

2. Alexander Wang Rockie Bag-That color though! “Nile Purple” he calls it. This bag is the perfect size, big enough to fit my camera, snacks, and more snacks that I carry with me on the daily. It was a tough call between this bag or Wang’s Lambskin Diego Bag-also a part of Wang’s collection.  *NEWS FLASH* both bags are on sale. Treat-yo-self. Or a friend, or ME this holiday season.

3. Ear Treats-Ear-earrings, genius-am I right??! Double the hearing power. & these headphones?? Already own them. But am tryin to get a second pair because the cord is messed up and sadly I have to hold it in a very specific position if I want my left ear to get some lovin too… They’re the best though.

4. Ultra Facial Cream- Julia introduced me to this last year and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Have yet to buy my own, but have asked the fam to tell Santa my skin was dryin up and I was in desperate need of some heavy-duty-moisturizer this Christmas.

5. “AMEN” Earrings-Amen, statement earrings, wear them to church, wear them to McDonalds, wear them to the doctors, wear them to sleep. I love me some Jesus-fashion. WWJD? (What Would Jesus Wear?) These earrings.

6. Elle Magazine– I’ll take a subscription, better yet I’ll take ELLE FANNING. Celebrity-crush-can-I-be-you-Elle-Fanning-Plz.

7. Disco Glasses-Psychedelic eye candy.

8. Handy Hand Change Purse- get it? yah, pretty sure you could wear this as a glove if you ever got desperate too.

9. YSL Lipstick- This was on the list last year, this year, and forevermore because it will always be the best lipstick. Before I saw the price tag on these I used mine like chapstick (because it just felt so smooth and hydrating and tasted good and smelled like watermelon.) Was very mad at myself when I found out how valuable each tube was. Savor the magic.

What’s on your Christmas list this year??

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