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Jeremy Scott – NY Times

September 17, 2015


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Dancing with Jeremy Scott in the NY Times: Click Here

The models Julia Cumming (left) and Ruby June, both wearing Saint Laurent, called it a special night. “We bleached our eyebrows for this,” Ms. June said.

YAH WE DID. I’d always always always wanted to bleach my eyebrows and the timing never seemed right. (But is it ever?) The night before Jeremy’s premiere Julia and I said let’s do it.

If there’s somethin’ strange you wanna do with your hair. Who ya gonna call? PICKTHORN BROOKLYN. Thank God I didn’t try to bleach them myself or I probably would’ve burned them off my face and spent the next month penciling on red lines like an old lady. Chelsey and Jocelyn are the bleach blonde wizards in the fashion industry. I knew I could trust them to not only strip my hair of all it’s color but also find some way to condition it in the process. THANK YOU PICKTHORN FOR MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE.

May my blonde brows have a long life before turning into scary caterpillars that haunt my face.



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