Lucky Charm

July 6, 2015


Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-2 Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-6 Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-8 Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-7 Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-9 Ruby_June_Lucky_Charm-4

Pink Mink Hair Ties: Alaskan Fur Gallery

Crop Top: Illustrated People

Backpack: Walk Trendy

Lip Skirt: Walk Trendy

Mural Background: Heather Boersma

Photography: Ruby June & Philip Maxwell

This SKIRT is:

Semi-See trough.


Artist Beth Hoeckel’s design.

In pants form on Tavi Gevinson.

Has matching shower curtains.



Did not handle the dryer well.

Is incredibly soft.

Thus feels best with no bra on.

Will expose boobs if arms are raised.



Come in pink, leopard, black, white etc.

Were my Alaskan Cruise “Treat yo Self” purchase.

Are mink fur.

So they said at the Alaskan Fur Gallery.


This BAG:

Has been glued to my back all summer.

Fits Camera, journal, drumsticks etc.

Is easy to open and close.

In between grown up backpack and baby backpack size.

Teen Queen Sized.

Classy enough to wear to fancy event.


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    In 1975, Lucky the Leprechaun was briefly replaced by Waldo the Wizard in New England, while Lucky remained the mascot in the rest of the United States.

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