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Model Profile: Max Vowles

February 4, 2015


Meet Max…

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Model: Max at One.1

Photo Assistant: Philip Maxwell

Makeup & Hair: Melissa SanAndres

Lips Sequin Dress: Illustrated People

Black Embroidered Dress: BeBaroque

Blue Tulle Skirt: Alexandra Grecco

Boots & Gloves: Max’s Own

Beaded Dress: Vintage

Model Profile

While shooting I met Max, the sweetest gal from the U.K.

Max likes cooking, dancing and peppermint tea…but don’t take my word for it-let’s get to know Max a little better…

Max Vowles

1. Hometown: Leeds, England
2. Current Location: New York City
3. What do you miss most about your hometown? Vast countryside and sheep
4. Favorite on-the-go snack? Banana and a cappuccino :p
5. Did you have any New Years Resolutions? To stop drinking, that lasted all of 5 days
6. Best part of being a model? Meeting all those people
7. Worst part of being a model? Rejection
8. How do you make a new place feel like home? Candles, Yorkshire tea and Jack Johnson
9. Any strange/scary/funny job stories? Loads, lying in a bath naked having (sudo) red blood pored on me by a local farm boy to say the least.
10. What were your favorite pieces from this shoot? Definitely Ruby’s black dress with red sequin lips and blue Alexandra Grecco skirt. I love pop art, shape and contrast. Wearing fun and sexy outfit gives you direction and persona. I felt so girly in this outfit and that comes across in the pictures.
11. If I’m not off being a model you can usually find me: Practicing ballet in the studio or doing Pilates in the gym.
12. Something people wouldn’t expect about modeling? It takes determination and resilience, Modelling is not as easy as some people think.

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