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January 9, 2015


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Bless Sweater: Illustrated People

Sequin Lips Dress: Illustrated People

Tights: Zohara

Shoes: H&M


Haven’t heard that word in a while…But who doesn’t love a little bling??! I tried making my own bling for this look-AKA GIANT HOOP EARRINGS. Sadly, I made them too big. Who thought there was such a thing? I didn’t. But it turns out when your hoop is longer than the length from your ear to your shoulder it doesn’t really have a place to sit. Back to the drawing board. I DID however make this headband! For my Twin-Joint-Birthday-Party in December I was Cruella Deville (don’t worry, it was a costume party) and I used my swanky-swank red gloves to make the headband.

Illustrated People made the sweater and dress which I have been wearing nonstop since they came in the mail. In this look I wore the dress as a skirt but yesterday I wore it with my tulle skirt and it became a magically sequined top. Hollaaaa. This sweater though? Jesus-clothing is my jam. I’d put that jam on toast, on sandwiches, on croissants-you name it! Still dreaming about these Amen Earrings from Nylon’s shop. Not only does this sweater remind me that I am #BLESSED, but it has kept me alive in this frigid weather. You know when you try on a hoodie and go “ohhhhhhhhh…wow” because the inside is so soft, and your eyes kind of half close because you’ve been swept off your feet by the warm fuzzy feeling? This is one of those sweaters…

These tights! I’m a tights fiend. The ONLY plus about colder weather is getting to wear tights…but then again, I wear tights in the summer too-so…Looks like thats 1,000,000 for warm weather and Zilch for the cold. Yah, I’m bitter. But Zohara has some killa tights with the most interesting patterns. As for my piles of treasures? My bedazzled pepper spray has made it’s way onto my keys-creepers be warned. I got my drum sticks ready to play more this year, one of the Cruella Deville polaroids, my trusty Urban Ears Headphones (you won’t see me outside without them glued to my head), the¬†Kate Moss Lipstick I used, and lastly the girl’s face pin was made by my friend Sam Rogers and the crystal ring my sister made and gave me for Christmas!!

What do you think of the look?? Do you think I should wear my GIANT hoop earrings next time even if they don’t fit?

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  • Reply Lovey January 10, 2015 at 1:01 am

    These tights are trippy!!! In love with this playgirl look

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