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May 25, 2016


THERE YOU HAVE IT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, This months issue of Nylon Magazine

All of my adolescent dreams come true…Could not have been more excited when Beth and Jade  asked me to shoot this story. They gave me the brushes and said “run free” so I ran away and started gluing eyeballs, starfish and hot cheetos to the brushes.

Since I was the one doing hair/makeup/styling/modeling/&shooting I got out my camera and tripod with my lil remote just like old times in Michigan. Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to set my camera up on a tripod and walk away from it in NYC-but turns out with a 28mm lens you don’t have to step away because the angle is so wide! HOLLA.

Every brush had a character that went with it. I would look at the brush and say “Who is your owner? Are you lost?” and then dash around my apartment pulling pieces together to become that brushes character. Then scoop up my camera/tripod/backdrop & brush go down the elevator (thank you Jesus for giving us an elevator) into my beautiful backyard called New York City. Rinse. Repeat.

There were a few key objects I had to slip in to the shoot – 1. My Urban Ears/guard dog (they protect me from harassment, or at least they make me too deaf to hear it) & 2. My Hot Cheeto Crown from my new collection Some Like it Hot.  Masks, prescription glasses and crowns now on the market- pocket squares and earrings coming soon.

ALSO, while we are on the topic of hair, I thought I’d show you the only products that are allowed to play with my hair- AMIKA. In general my philosophy for having long hair is “do nothing.” AKA: 1. Don’t straighten, curl or blow dry. 2. Don’t wash more than 2 times a week. 3. Don’t let hair stylists “trim” your hair because they are obv. scissor happy – they CUT HAIR for a living – trim it yourself. & 4. DON’T dye your hair. I stopped straightening and curling my hair when I got to college and lived far away from Philip because I didn’t really care what it looked like. Best thing that ever happened to my hair. The texture completely changed. Now if I want waves (like in the photos above) I just shower at night, then put it in two french braids while it’s drying over night and BOOM, take them out in the morning. Works like a charm.


The products I do use are all Amika. You could put ammonia or lard in these bottles and I would use it because of how cute the packaging is. Aside from that, whenever I get hugs and people say “WOW you smell good, what is that?” I always stumble over my words and then blurt out “Oh it’s probably my shampoo, Amika.” I am obsessed with this stuff and can honestly say, no other products (except for the occasional Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner Spray) touch my hair.


Have any hair questions/comments or concerns? Ask them below.

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