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August 25, 2015


Ruby_June_L_Train_Vintage-4 Ruby_June_L_Train_Vintage-3 Ruby_June_L_Train_Vintage-2 Ruby_June_L_Train_Vintage-6 Ruby_June_L_Train_Vintage-5

Top: American Apparel

Skirt: L Train Vintage

Belt: L Train Vintage

Shoes: Mint Julep

Have you ever walked into a place and felt an overwhelming rush of relief, excitement, wonder and hope??! These finds are rare but when you find them you know you are home. I felt this when I first stepped into FIT when I was looking for schools, and then again when I found my family at the Rock Church Manhattan. I never thought I’d get that feeling from walking into a store (well, hoped I wouldn’t because I knew I’d end up spending all of my money) but allas, that is what I felt when I first walked through the doors of Urban Jungle.

I fell hard for Urban Jungle and their one of a kind vintage pieces at crazy good prices. After seeing signs that said they didn’t accept donations I was mystified by how they acquired such incredible pieces and always seemed to have gobs of new items! THEN, if life couldn’t get any better, I found out that Urban Jungle was a part of a something bigger-L Train Vintage- the momma/king/boss of all vintage stores in all the lands.

L Train Vintage has not one, not two, not four and a half but SEVEN stores in NYC. I’ve made it my mission to shop at all seven of them, and thus far each has matched the magic I found in Urban Jungle.

For this look I went to their East Village location- Village Style.  Years ago a friend borrowed and lost my favorite vintage acid wash skirt and ever since I have been on the hunt for a replacement. When I walked into Village Style, I found sooooo many acid wash denim skirts that I couldn’t even carry them all to the dressing room. It was a tough call, but I decided on this one (and left the other 16 amazing ones there for you to buy.)

If you can’t make it out to Brooklyn or the East Village, you are in luck, L Train just launched their online shop!  The unexplainable vintage fairies at L Train have been pulling only their best and putting them exclusively online. I have been drooling over this black lace dress for weeks.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, my soulmate store, my first love, my obsession, L Train Vintage ladies and gents.

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