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LASH EXTENSIONS-no longer just for Housewives of Atlanta, Pretty Wicked Moms and Kim Kardashian.

STEP 0: Choose a trusted lash artist. It may be tempting to rush out and get lashes you found at a great price-but it’s definitely not worth it. At salons where the price is much cheaper they often times apply the lashes in clusters, rather than gluing an individual lash to the base of a real lash. This looks fine initially but is extremely painful as soon as your real lashes start growing out. You will end up clawing your eyes out. BUT, luckily for me I knew one of the top lash artists in the world- Christina Lynn Perez. She has traveled from Las Vegas to China giving demonstrations on the art of lash extensions… She currently works at the Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids, MI and will be opening her own salon-strictly for lashes soon! I can’t imagine spending the 2 hour application time with anyone else, Christina is not only a gifted artist but an incredible friend too.

STEP 1: Cover the lower lashes. She placed the sticker over my lower lashes to prevent my eyelids from being glued shut. I was thankful.

STEP 2: Choose Extensions. I was worried I would look like Kim Kardashian if I went too long so I asked for lashes that looked natural and knew Christina would take care of the rest.

STEP 3: Glue Individual Lashes. Yes, every single lash must be isolated-then the false lash is glued to the base. This means the lashes stay on until your natural lashes fall out on their own. 

STEP 4: Separate Lashes. Through out the process Christina took breaks from gluing to brush out the lashes and go through with tweezers separating each eyelash. 

STEP 5: Dry Glue. I was first misted by Christiana’s fancy water. Then she dried them with her eyelash drier. (much more gentle than a regular hair drier)

STEP 6: Remove the Stickers. And cry because you’ve never looked so good. WARNING: Life changes with the lashes. Every blemish fades, waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror isn’t horrifying, putting on mascara becomes a past time, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE. 

The lashes are supposed to last 3 weeks, but I got mine done over 6 weeks ago and they are still looking fabulous. This experience exceeded all expectations. 

Christina, Thank you for the best wedding gift. And to those considering lash extensions, your life will be forever changed.

A special thanks to my sister, Iris for coming along and taking the amazing pictures. 

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