February 11, 2015


Your Next Custom Case…

_MG_5257 _MG_5903 _MG_5236 Ruby_June_Snupped

So, we got these new laptop sleeves from Snupped and they are fantastic! Very high quality, an art style for every taste, and pretty inexpensive too. The outside of the cases is slick, so you don’t have to worry about your friend spilling a milkshake on your computer and the inside is insulated so your baby macbook air won’t snap when grandma sits on it! Also, it’s a great place for artists to display there work and get some recognition for what they do. ( You can even upload your own picture to have printed!) Now, the only question for you guys is this… Who’s is who’s? Is the Llama one Ruby’s? Or is it Philip’s … hmm? Let us know you’re guess!

Also, be sure to check out the artists who made these lovely sleeves

Minjae Lee: “Indian”

Ali Gulec: “LL4MA”

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