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Supermoon Eclipse

September 28, 2015


Ruby_June_Supermoon_Eclipse-5 Ruby_June_Supermoon_Eclipse-4 Ruby_June_Supermoon_Eclipse-3 Ruby_June_Supermoon_Eclipse-6 Ruby_June_Supermoon_Eclipse

Brows: Pickthorn


As my bleached brows shelf life is coming to an end (my dark brown brows are fighting their way back onto my forehead) I decided I had to photograph them at least once before dying them back…

Being way up in the boonies has reminded me of some of the things I can no longer enjoy living in NYC…

  • Self Timer Self Portraits – will never happen in NYC because putting your camera on a tripod and walking away from it is like leaving your baby in a taxi and expecting the driver to come back and return it to you. It will never happen. Sadly, this is an activity I had to leave behind in Kalamazoo when I moved to the big city. It was refreshing getting the clunky ole’ tripod back out and taking some pictures for me, by me, and with no one around for miles. Again, this is why if I had one superpower it would be stopping time.
  • Watching a Supermoon Eclipse – Now I know this isn’t something one can enjoy on the daily in middle America, but it sure would’ve been a lot harder to see the giant white moon eatin by a hazy red cookie monster if I had been back in the city. When I was camping on Assateague Island this summer I saw 16 shooting stars one night-def not something you’ll see in the big apple-light pollution-snow globe.
  • Singing in the streets – I will argue, I have begun singing in the streets of NYC, most people are wearing headphones of their own anyways and can’t hear a word I’m singing-BUT when people do hear they sometimes turn backwards to give me a look. Upstate you can walk for miles singing the same song on repeat and no one will say a thing-because no but the dogs are listening!


Other than that the city is amazing! What do you think of the bleached brows? Love it or list it?

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  • Reply Carmela September 28, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    I would totally have the suprpower to stop time too!!
    Nice pictures :)

  • Reply Kaitlyn | Daily Opulence October 13, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    These are such beautiful pictures! Upstate New York in gorgeous in the Fall season.

    Daily Opulence |

  • Reply nancy November 13, 2015 at 3:55 am

    beautiful shots, you look amazing…

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