Virgin Suicides

January 14, 2015


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Photos By: Sam Rogers

The Day I Died
By Philip Maxwell

Last night I had a dream, quite strange
I saw a valley, wide-
I saw a lake, as dark as night
I saw the day I died–

I stood inside a deep dense wood
with no one by my side,
a path beneath my feet lead straight
where a valley could be spied

I walked out to the valleys edge
past where the trees reside,
and heard a voice speak out my name-
Not shouted, simply sighed

I called back to the voice I heard
to which no voice replied,
then took a step beyond the edge
and pushed my fear aside-

“I came out here alone,” I thought,
“the sunlight as my guide,
yet heard a voice, I’m sure of that,
it cannot be denied.”

I walked for what had seemed like days
no falter in my stride,
til finally my legs gave way
and the rest of me untied

My name, once more, the voice called out,
the voice now amplified,
I raised myself with all my strength
and searched still weary-eyed

Ahead of me, not too far off,
a frightening divide,
Where, a snow white beach did meet
a pure black rising tide

The voice again spoke out my name,
this time it softly cried,
and the next words that it spoke-
They left me horrified

I trudged onto the soft white sand
grasping for my pride,
But somewhere deep inside of me
I knew I would abide

I walked into the dark expanse
with nowhere left to hide,
and let the water carry me-
My body petrified

Remembering the voices words
I solemnly complied-
I took my final breath and drowned
My eyes shut tight, sinking down
The voice’s words echoing round
“The only way is suicide”

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