Off White Winter

February 18, 2015


Ruby_June_White_Winter-6 Ruby_June_White_Winter-2 Ruby_June_White_Winter-4 Ruby_June_White_Winter-5 Ruby_June_White_Winter-3

Dress: Sheinside

Bracelet: ZNU

Off White Winter

Winter should be white, yes? In NYC no. It is far from white. Gettin really tired of having to glue my eyes to the sidewalk in order to avoid congealed dog urine (TMI?)…  I’m sorry, but Manhattan is not as glamorous as it seems in the winter. As we desperately await Spring-it’s nice trying on dresses and prancing around the house… One day I will get to wear this lovely lace number out to Central Park for a picnic. I love that the dress has sheer long sleeves. Sometimes you want the arms covered with out the warmth of opaque fabric so I’m always on the hunt for sheer long sleeves. I love that the bracelet peeks out from under the sleeves. For some reason the bracelet gives me gypsy vibes, which is always a good thing. Would love to wear 30 of these on my arms/hands/feet/face all at once…#CareerGoals

How are you dealing with this winter? (Or for readers not experiencing these subzero temperatures, WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!! Seeking warm climate inspo…) Keep fighting off the winter haze-Spring is just around the corner! (right??!!)

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