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Into the Woods (Pt. 2)

February 28, 2015


Ruby_June_Patchwork_Orange_04 Ruby_June_Into_the_Woods Ruby_June_Patchwork_Orange_06 Ruby_June_Into_the_Woods-2 Ruby_June_Patchwork_Orange_02

Photography by: Sam Rogers

Patchwork Pants: Vintage

Boyscout Vest: Vintage

Shoes: H&M

Into the Woods (Pt. 2)

So here’s a little story: I’m at my favorite thrift store, Urban Jungle (Believe it or not, it’s really hard to find good thrift stores here!) and my arms are draped with clothes like heavy wings. Finally I can’t keep flying because my wings of treasures are too heavy… I head to the dressing room. I try on everything-yada-yada-then what do I see hanging behind all my picks? THESE PATCHWORK PANTS. I couldn’t help laughing. They looked ridiculous. I had to try them on. Pants, of any kind, NEVER fit, pants shopping is usually quite depressing. So what are the odds that THESE pants would fit like a glove?! I was shocked. Had to buy them. One of the many gems I’ve found at Urban Jungle. Have you ever found a match-made-from-heaven at a thrift store? What was it??

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